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Pre-Professional Dance Program

Melbourne School of Classical Dance’s pre-professional program provides students with a springboard into higher studies in dance. Through daily training in classical ballet and allied subjects, young dancers become equipped with the knowledge and skills that will support their pursuit of vocational studies; including classical technique, pointe technique, career guidance, contemporary dance, body conditioning, national character, repertoire, video analysis, performance studies, competitions, audition preparation, VET Dance etc.

Our students attend the program five or six days per week, depending on the student’s age and circumstances.  This means that they can have evenings and week-ends free for school-work thus enabling them to stay on top of their academics whilst gaining a great deal of strength in their technique and progressing much faster than usual. This is the recommended pathway for vocational dance students and is an ideal way of balancing both academic and artistic commitments.

Upon completion, our students will not only have greatly improved their knowledge and skills but they will be well prepared to audition for professional dance academies or university dance courses. At the conclusion of a students’ training at MSCD we will assist students to prepare their auditions and provide career guidance for parents and students.

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