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On submission of our online enrolment form you are agreeing to the following Payment Policies:

All fees will be paid via the INTEGRAPAY payment system, credit card (Visa/Mastercard) or direct debit.

Registration Fee

$50 +gst Registration Fee is due annually at time of enrolment. This Fee covers Portal Access, Insurance, & Music Licenses.

Fee Options

You have the choice of paying by Option 1 – Term Fee or Option 2 – Annual Fee (Save 5-10%).

When are Fees Due? 

First Term fees will be due in full at the time of enrolment for Pre-Ballet 1/2&3, Pre-Primary, Primary & Preparatory L1.

An Annual deposit of $95.00 +gst (L1, L2, L3, L4, L5, L6) or EPT $495 +gst will be due at the time of enrolment with the balance processed in the first week of Term 1. If enrolling on or after this date, term fees will be payable in full at time of enrolment.

Billing Cycle

Transfer of funds for Children’s School members will occur during the 1st week of each term. During the Billing Cycle, all accounts/credit cards will be swept for the balance of fees owing. Billing will continue for the full school year unless we receive six week’s written notice of withdrawal from the school.

Instalment Programs

There are no instalment programs for fee payment.

Refunds and Pro-rating of Fees

There will be no refunds of term fees under any circumstance, including when a student ceases tuition part-way through a term.
Term fees will be pro-rated for new students joining the school after commencement of any term.

Term fees will not be pro-rated for current students missing classes for any reason. Students who miss classes are however encouraged to attend a “make-up lesson” in another suitable class. Please inquire within for further information.

First term’s fees (Pre-Ballet & Preparatory) or the annual deposit (Level 1 upwards) will be forfeited in the event of an unforeseen withdrawal prior to the commencement of school year.

Annual Payments

This discounted option will not be available after the commencement of Term 1.
Annual fees are payable in full before commencement of Term 1.

Annual fees offer:

10% discount (Pre-Ballet, Preparatory and Academic Divisions).
5% discount (Pre-Professional Division). 

Payment of the Annual Fee implies a commitment by the student together with their parent to compete a full year’s tuition with MSCD. We develop programs and engage teaching staff based on our enrolment numbers. Accordingly, we can not offer any refunds of annual fees if a student withdraws from a class or program at any time during the year or for any reason. Please do not select this option unless you and your child are 100% committed to attending for the whole year.

The annual deposit will be forfeited in the event of an unforeseen withdrawal prior to the commencement of school year.

Payment Method

Fees will be paid via the INTEGRAPAY PAYMENT SYSTEM credit card or direct debit. You must provide valid credit card details or bank account details on enrolment to secure your place in the class. 

Fees will be charged to your Jackrabbit account and may be viewed by logging into the Dancer Portal, accessible from our website. 

Fees will be debited from your card/account during the first week of term- see Billing Cycle dates in the Direct Debit Authorisation. 

The following fees apply to direct debits:  

Integrapay Fees  
Direct Debit Fee $0.77 per transaction / $5.50 per failed transaction.
Visa / Mastercard $0.66 per transaction + 1.76% transaction value

You may make a pre-payment on your account through the Dancer Portal. 

INTEGRAPAY is the only accepted payment method.

During the Billing Cycle, all accounts/credit cards will be charged for the entire balance of fees owing. 

The person completing this form agrees to pay the fees for the whole school year or until any notice of discontinuation.

The school reserves the right to admit only fee-paying students to classes.

Unpaid Accounts

If your payment method is declined, we will send 3 electronic invoices requesting payment. After 3 invoices, any unpaid accounts will be placed with our Debt Collection agency and all costs incurred with Debt Collection will be added to your invoice. 

Private Lessons

Private lesson fees will be charged to your Jackrabbit account and processed via INTEGRAPAY.

Fees will be debited during the first week of term, or as soon as practicable. 

INTEGRAPAY is the only accepted payment method.

Private lessons are booked and paid for the full school term (or remainder thereof) except in special circumstances. 

Any cancelled classes will forfeit fees charged. 

You may request a special rescheduling of a lesson in extenuating circumstances, this will be at the teacher’s discretion and may be limited by studio and teacher’s availability. 

Due to the inflexibility of the software system private classes times will not be rescheduled in cases such as attending special occasions such as birthday parties etc. In such cases the class will be forfeited.

Children’s School – Discontinuation Procedure: 

Notice of discontinuation is to be provided by writing (email is acceptable)

Six weeks notice is required.

No refunds will be given regardless of the reason.