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Technique Lessons

Classical Ballet Technique – From age 3

Classical dance is the main focus of our school. As well as being a beautiful art form and academic discipline in its own right, it serves as the basis of all other dance styles so a dance student wishing to excel in any style should first take Classical Ballet. Classical dance teaches discipline, co-ordination, logic and musicality. It helps students to develop their memory, sense of responsibility, self-motivation, strength, agility, flexibility and team-work. Classical Ballet is also taken by athletes such as rhythmic gymnasts, ice skaters and football players.

National Character Dance ~ Commences in Level 2

National Character Dance is an extension of the basic folk dances of countries, refined and enhanced for stage. It is traditionally studied alongside Classical Ballet, because its skills are often required in performance of the major classical ballets. MSCD students study Alida Segal’s character syllabus.

Jazz & Contemporary ~ Commence in Level 1 (Jazz) and Level 3 (Contemporary)

Professional dancers need to be versatile. By studying Jazz and Contemporary our students learn to move across a range of styles, as is required of dancers today. Before beginning to learn these styles, students require a knowledge of basic ballet technique. Knowledge of these dance styles enhances job opportunities in a competitive world and opens up new doors. As a student, these styles demand a different kind of work of the body and mind which provides an important breadth and balance in every dancer’s training. 


Every well-trained dancer uses floor-based exercises to strengthen and stretch their body and these exercises are done in addition to regular ballet classes. Conditioning, also known as “floor barre”, is introduced in the preparatory levels and is added as a supplementary class for students in Level 1 and above.


MSCD conducts examinations annual for students in Preparatory Level 1 and above. Independent examiners, renowned professionals in their field, are appointed by the school to conduct the examinations. Classical Ballet, Jazz and Contemporary are examined in Term 3. National Character is examined in Term 4. Students in Preparatory Level 1 and above are required to sit the exams in order to progress to the next level.


We have two performances each year, at the end of Term 2 and the end of Term 4. The culmination of the year’s work is celebrated with the annual performance in December, which is a major classical ballet – e.g. The Nutcracker, The Snow Queen or Coppelia. This is a very special event held in a professional theatre with all the trimmings. The whole school participates, with the exception of our very young Tiny Tots.


Opportunities abound for dedicated students – Guest performances, competitions, festivals and films are just some of the exciting events that out students have been invited to perform in.