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Welcome to the Children’s School

At MSCD, we believe that all children deserve the best education possible and our teachers strive every day to give your child good solid foundations in their early dance training and exciting challenges as they advance their skills. Whether a student enjoys ballet as a hobby or has professional aspirations, at MSCD they will receive ample personal attention and will learn to appreciate, enjoy and respect the art of classical ballet and other dance styles. While ballet is the primary focus of our students, children above the age of nine or ten undertake an a well-rounded curriculum of ballet, national character, conditioning, jazz and contemporary. 

Our main focus throughout the year is in the studio, where the majority of learning takes place. Students who have mastered the basics of their art form and are ready to further extend themselves may be invited to participate in competitions or guest performances. At the end of the year, the whole school presents our annual concert with all the trimmings. 

We are pleased to offer a number of extension options for dedicated and talented ballet dancers. These include personalised programs, special extension classes, private lessons, and a pre-professional ballet program held on weekday afternoons. 

Please browse through the menu to our schedule, fees, uniform and enrolment form or give us a call on ​(03) 9191 7010.