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Dress and grooming are an important part of the discipline of Classical Ballet, however we do want you to be comfortable.

– Ballet flats are required. We recommend canvas split-sole flats.


For Classical Ballet, long hair should be worn neatly in a bun.
– Wear non-restrictive clothing, gym/yoga/pilates gear;
– or, a classical ballet leotard and pink tights (under) or black tights (over);
– or, show off your personality with bright colours.

Comfort is key, both physically and mentally!

– Leotards are normally designed to be worn like swimsuits without bra supports. If you do prefer to wear a bra, it should not be visible so you need to choose a suitable leotard e.g. with a higher back and thicker straps. Alternatively look for leotards that are front-lined or have built-in support.
– Ballet warm ups, track-suits, skirts etc may be worn over the basic items.


– Fitted T-Shirt and men’s dance tights, waist elastic and dance support. ‘Skins’ are a popular alternative to tights.

For the comfort of all, students are reminded to take proper care of their personal hygiene.