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Admission of students to The Australian Ballet School

You must have a magical potion when it comes to inspiring young male ballet students Kate – 4 boys into our training programme…a record, I would think! Congratulations on whatever magic you bestow! … Thank you for all you do for the talented students that you send on to us at the ABS. It is important to acknowledge their original teacher/s, as without you, these talented young students may never be inspired to train at any level at all. Any success a student may have in his future, is always the product of many influences (teachers) that guide each step along the steep road.

Leigh Rowles,

After School Programme & ITP Director, The Australian Ballet School

Our Productions

I congratulate you. Your hard work, dedication and expertise, show so very much in your presentation. The school has developed, so very evident both from the students you have had since the beginning and where it really counts – the young ones. I am excited for you – if you keep this training up from the babies – in five years time you will be rewarded with a senior strength. I particularly liked your own choreography and arrangements. The discipline and love for you as a teacher and your school was felt in the audience, foyer etc…..Congrats on the beautiful, authentic and elegant costumes – a great credit to your taste, research and eye for detail. Kate – bravo, bravo.

Anne Butler,

Ballet Teacher

Congratulations for yesterday – the performance was really lovely. I thought in particular the Ballet Prep and Level 1’s stood out, demonstrating exactly what you have been trying to get into their little bodies very well. So nice to see such beautiful use of head and arms too – they look totally different to RAD trained kids.

Alice Aschwanden,

Ballet Teacher

I can’t tell you what a thrill it was to be on stage again after a 20 year break.  I loved every minute of it. Thank you for the opportunity to perform with all your other wonderful students


Adult Student

I wanted to congratulate you on a wonderful concert last Sunday.  It was our first taste of a performance by the school and we were very impressed.  Our daughter had an excellent time and it was a great experience for her to have had.  Thank you for teaching her so well and for your seemingly endless patience.  I think you have achieved a remarkable thing in your school. Congratulations.


mother of Ballet Play student.

Our Training

Dreams are normally just that, but thanks to Kate Reilly and the Melbourne School of Classical Dance, my daughter’s dream is a whole lot closer. The school’s dedication to its students is enormous and the teachers are truly inspirational. All we can say is thank you.


mother of pre-professional student.

She really loves dance again since beginning life at MSCD. We are all so thrilled that her passion for ballet has returned and I thank you for this.


mother of Level 2 student

Once again many thanks for all you do for the children. You must be the BEST ballet teacher in the world because how you manage to keep so many little ones so focused and so coordinated is just a MIRACLE.


mother of Ballet Play student

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