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Pre-Professional Ballet Program

Following on from the remarkable response to our vocational program over the past four years, the Melbourne School of Classical Dance is pleased to advise the continuation of 'Steps To Success' in 2017. Our pre-professional training program is designed to cater for those dancers wanting to 'raise the barre' with their ballet studies by undertaking daily training in Classical Ballet and allied subjects. 
"Dreams are normally just that, but thanks to the Melbourne School of Classical Dance, my daughter's dream is a whole lot closer. The school's dedication to its students is enormous and the teachers are truly inspirational. All we can say is thank you."                  - Kristine, mother of 15 year old student.

Steps To Success is not only a program designed for students pursuing a professional classical career, but for all students wishing to simply become accomplished in their art form. MSCD aims to develop and train a well-rounded, educated and confident dancer, who can apply their inter-changeable skills to any field they wish to pursue in the future.

Steps To Success 2nd year students will undertake a more advanced level of training and examination in Classical Ballet, Pointe and allied subjects. The curriculum* includes Pilates, Aqua Ballet, Fitball Conditioning, Video Analysis, Career Guidance, Nutrition for Dance, Dance Psychology and VET Dance.

The pre-professional training offered in the Steps program prepares students for the rigors of full-time training at any professional dance academy world-wide - that is, an elite ballet or dance academy directly associated with a full-time professional dance company.  Students aiming for a performance career as a classical ballet dancer usually attend such academies for their last two or three years of vocational training (at which time they would normally audition for a contract with a dance company). Through completion of Steps to Success students can expect to strengthen their skills as a dancers thus increasing their chance of acceptance into a professional ballet academy.  At the end of a student's training with MSCD we can facilitate video or in-person auditions for students as well as provide guidance for parents and students as to various career pathways. The Steps program also stands students in very good stead for further studies in dance at universities.

Steps to Success is designed for dedicated and talented students ages 11 to 18 years who are evidently at a stage where they would benefit from dedicating a more substantial amount of time to their ballet study and replacing a portion of their regular school attendance with dance training. Similarly, it is only offered on an annual basis due in order to attract truly committed students who will reap the benefits of a long-term intensive training program. 

Steps To Success students attend the program five or six afternoons per week, depending on the student's age and circumstances.  This means that they can have evenings and week-ends free for school-work thus enabling them to stay on top of their academics whilst gaining a great deal of strength in their technique and progressing much faster than usual. This is the recommended pathway for vocational dance students and is an ideal way of balancing both academic and artistic commitments.  

There are three ways the half-day program may be implemented; by special arrangement with your high-school, enrolling in distance education, or via home schooling.

Potential candidates are invited to join our current Steps students for an afternoon, to be assessed for their suitability for the program. (Video auditions can also be arranged.)
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