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The Nutcracker 2017


MSCD students are encouraged to audition for a soloist role in our upcoming productions of The Nutcracker on Friday 15 & Sunday 17 December 2017. The Nutcracker will involve our students from the age of 5 to adult. 

Audition Venue: Studio 1, MSCD
Date & Time: Sunday 27th August 9am - 12pm.
Specific audition times for each role can not be given, however auditions will run in the order listed below, commencing at 9am.   Candidates are responsible for their own Warm Up. 
Registration: To be eligible to audition, please register with Vanessa in our office no later than 3pm on Saturday 26 August. You will be assigned a number which needs to pinned to your leotard on the day. 

Assignment of Parts: Please note that most roles will be assigned a single cast, plus an understudy. We anticipate a dual cast for Clara & The Sugarplum Fairy, in which case they would dance one show each. 
Role Descriptions
Role Ballet Level Age Range Shoes  Expected No. Parts Available Description
Sugar Plum Fairy's Cavalier 4 + 14 + Ballet flats.  1 boy. Strong male dancer with advanced technique. 
Sugar Plum Fairy 4 +  11 +  Pointe 2 girls. A beautiful fairy in the Kingdom of Sweets.
Must have stunning classical lines and impeccable technique. The "ballerina" of the Nutcracker.
Fritz 1 +  8 - 13 Ballet flats.  1 boy. Should be a boy ages 8 -13 and a bit shorter than Clara as he is to be portrayed as Clara's younger brother.

Fritz is mischievous and cheeky. 
Clara 3 + 

(Level 1 & 2 are invited to join the audition for Clara, for experience only). 
11-14 Pointe preferred.  Those not yet confident en pointe may audition on flat.  2 girls. 
A young girl. She is presented with a Nutcracker doll for Christmas and dreams that he comes to life.

Clara should be strong technically, with excellent lines and beautiful feet. She should have a lovely, sweet innocence about her, coupled with a strong will and a tender heart. She needs to have dynamic expressions and be pleasant to watch. 
Edmund, Albert & George All levels 6-14 Ballet flats.  3 boys.  These boys are similarly minded to Fritz. They are his best friends/cousins and cohorts in crime. They will tease and pester the girls. Act I
Marzipan - Dance of the Mirlitons 3 +  11-14 Girls - Pointe with half tutus. 
Boy - Ballet flats.
2 females - audition en pointe
1 male 
A classical role for 2 young girls en pointe, and a boy (pas de trois).  All dancers need pure lines and strong technique - nice feet en pointe, strong arabesque line, good turnout and a nice smile will all help! Must be confident hopping en pointe (changements de pied). Girls should be not much taller than the boy when standing on flat. 
2nd Toy: The Doll 3 +  11 +  Pointe shoes 1 female.  A short solo in Act 1. Should be comfortable en pointe with good lines through legs and feet. Must be able to perform stiff, doll-like movements. 
For movement style, watch this video:
Tea - Chinese 3 +  11 +  Pointe 3 female. Intermediate to advanced dancers required - strong en pointe - confident pose turns en manege, fouettes an advantage. If you are a Level 3 or higher student comforable turning en pointe, please audition. 
Snow Queen Pre-Professional only.  11 + Pointe 1 female. Lead role for a strong classical dancer with a regal stature, strong stage presence and beautiful classical lines. Only pre-professional students to audition for this role.
3rd Toy - Jesters 2 +  11 + Choose ballet flats or pointe shoes. 2 dancers - female or male.  Should have high jazz-kicks devant and excellent cartwheels with good clean body lines as this role will be wearing a unitard.  Dancers may choose to audition on flat or en pointe for this role depending on ability. For movement style, watch at 16min 50sec:
1st Toy - The Clown 1 +  8 - 14 Ballet flats.  1 female or male.  A short solo in Act 1. Should be able to perform stiff, doll-like movements. Good elevation and attack in split-leaps an advantage. For movement style, watch this video:
Chocolate - Spanish  3 +  12 to adult Ballet flats, character shoes or pointes. 2 females or 1 male, 1 female The Spanish dancers have a vibrant, passionate energy. If you love the sound of the castanets or have a flair for flamenco come and show your talents! This piece can be choreographed to suit ballet flats, character shoes or pointe shoes, so we encourage all interested dancers to audition in the shoes you dance best in! 
Mouse Queen 3 +  12 +  Ballet flats.  1 female.  The mischievous Queen of the Mice. The Mouse Queen declares war on the Nutcracker and his soldiers. Female at least 12 years of age and taller than Clara. Must have great elevation in jumps/leaps, good split in grand jetes, good lunges and great energy.
Nutcracker Prince 3 +  14 +  Ballet flats.  1 male or female.  The Nutcracker leads soldiers into battle against the Mouse Queen's army. The dancers should be taller than Clara by at least one foot. Must also be a dancer with an understanding of technique as this role requires a fighting/dancing scene. All interested dancers encouraged to apply. 
Mr & Mrs Stahlbaum All levels.  Adult Any 1 male
1 female
We are looking for an adult couple, male & female, to play the role of Clara's parents and hosts of the Christmas Eve party. They should have good stage presence and posture.

They will be dancing a simple promenade and will have a small amount of acting. Act 1. All interested parties encouraged to audition, as an individual or as a couple.
Herr Drosselmeyer All levels 14 to Adult Ballet flats or street shoes. 1 female or male.   Clara’s mystical Uncle. He presents Clara with her Nutcracker doll and is the architect of her magical adventure. Suit adults/mature looking youths with strong stage presence.  Male or Female, will be dressed as a man. We encourage MSCD students to audition, however we would also consider assigning this role to a parent or actor if they are able to make Saturday & some Sunday rehearsals in Term 4. The more "character" the better for this role. 
Parents - Party Scene All levels.  15 to Adult Ballet flats.  8-10 males and females required. 
Adults/mature looking youth [Ages 16+]. They will be dancing a simple promenade. They will need to be able to interact well with Mr. & Mrs. Stahlbaum on stage and have good facial expressions. All interested dancers encouraged to audition. 
Candycanes - Russian Trepak 3 +  11 +  Character 3-6 females.  Must be able to do lots of jumps and turns, must have good technique, clean lines, stamina - looking for dancers level 2 and up. We would be interested in seeing any gymnasts, in addition to dancers for this role.  
Mother Ginger Any Adult Any.  1-2 adults.  A man dressed in a prop to play the part of Mother Ginger. Should have a willingness to wear a lot of make-up for this role. Must be able to ham it up in a wig and sit comfortably atop the shoulders of another man, whilst acting comicly -  or wear stilts. Act II. 
A character with roots in the commedia dell’arte, Mother Ginger usually appears in a comically oversize skirt from under which young children emerge to dance the part of the Polichinelle candies. The divertissement took inspiration from a well-known candy tin that sold in Russia in the 1890s, formed in the shape of a woman wearing a large skirt. Naturally, the tin opened at the bottom to reveal the bonbons inside.
Narrator Any Adult.  n/a 1 male or female.  Narration will be pre-recorded, so there is nothing to do on show weekend. As the narration will be played over the Overture, we need a strong voice that won't get "lost" with the background music. Perhaps a deeper, "grandfatherly" sounding voice although we are interested in hearing all auditionees. Parents and grandparents are encouraged to apply. We will provide a passage for you to read and will take a sample recording on the day to see how it sounds, combined with the music.  
Sleigh Driver Any 12 to adult Any 1 male.  We need a strong sleigh driver to lead our magnificent Sleigh through the forest to Land of Sweets! Must have a good sense of timing. Taller/stronger boys or men encouraged to apply. No dancing necessary. 
The Maid Any 14  +  Any 1 female. Small part for adult/mature looking youth.

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