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Adult Classes 2018

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Align & Tone (30min) 

Reconnect with your body in this 30min workout. With a focus on activating the small muscle groups for fine control, you will improve the strength, posture and alignment of your whole body. Term 2 will focus on core strength which in turn improves balance, posture, jumps, movement quality and also protects the body from injury.

“When you dance, you engage your abs in every step," says Mary Helen Bowers, a former soloist for the New York City Ballet. "To turn, leap, and extend your leg, you need a strong base and center of balance. Even in the most basic step, you’re pulling in to keep that beautiful posture." 

Introduction to Ballet at MSCD (10min - complimentary)

An introductory session for absolute beginners! Learn about the background of MSCD's ballet methodology and get up to speed on the Language of Classical Ballet, studio ettiquette and ask any questions you may have. Recommended for all students new to MSCD, even if you have done ballet elsewhere. 

Ballet: Fundamentals 1 & 2 (80-90min)

The fundamental techniques of Classical Ballet require lifelong practise. The body is constantly changing and presenting new challenges, every day the fundamentals need to be re-established. This is why even professionals begin each day at the barre with pliés and tendus! At MSCD, we encourage our dancers to study & work to perfect the fundamentals of Classical technique life-long for safe, secure and beautiful dancing. It doesn't matter whether you are a beginner just starting out or a highly experienced dancer, the Fundamentals can never have enough practise!

Our Fundamentals classes focus on teaching and practising the following: 

- Healthy & functional alignment of the whole body including feet, pelvis, ribcage, shoulder girdle etc
- All barre exercises in simple forms
- Beautiful Port de bras (Carriage of the Arms) including Russian 1st and 2nd Port de Bras
- Selected Classical Poses & Arabesque lines. 
- Turning technique - spotting and simple turns on two feet. 
- Jumping (allegro) technique
- Walking and running technique
- Waltz rhythm and technique
- Traveling exercises

Maximum benefit will be obtained by attending at least twice weekly, as regular supervised practice is essential in mastering the technique of classical ballet.

Ballet: Advancing (90min)

Building upon the techniques studied in Fundamentals, this class takes all elements of Ballet Class to the next level. This level is reserved for those who have a least three years of ballet experience. Please check with our teachers before moving up to this level. Maximum benefit will be obtained by attending at least twice weekly​.

National Character Dance (60min)

We are proud to be the first school in Australia to offer National Character to our adult students from 2018. In collaboration with The National Character Dance Syllabus by Alida Segal, we are confident that the charm of this beautiful syllabus will take hold great appeal for our adult ballet students. Attendance is once weekly x 60min, please note students must wear Character Uniform after an initial trial lesson: long sleeved black leotard, black footed tights, black leather character shoes "Showstopper" by Bloch (low heel), short black chiffon skirt. Character exams are possible for those showing committment and progress over an extended period of time (usually about 2 years).

Term Dates 2018
Term 1 Monday 29 January to Thursday 29 March
Term 2 Monday 16 April  to  Sunday 1 July 
Term 3 Monday 16 July to  Sunday 23 September
Term 4 Monday 8 October to  Friday 9 December
  MSCD observes the Victorian Public Holidays.
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