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Adult Classes 2018

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Stretch (30min) 

A guided cool-down and stretching session after ballet class will reduce any muscle soreness and help improve flexibility. 

Beginner Ballet (90min)

A ballet course for real beginners! In this course you will learn the basic techniques by practicing exercises at the barre as well as port de bras and petit allegro. Choose one, two or three weekly classes. Maximum benefit will be obtained by attending at least twice weekly, as regular supervised practice is essential in mastering the technique of classical ballet.

Open Ballet (90min)

This course caters to both the real Beginner and Advanced dancers as well as all of those in-between.
The class is structured towards beginner students with Advanced dancers given more difficult barre and centre exercises throughout the class. Choose one, two or three weekly classes. Maximum benefit will be obtained by attending at least twice weekly​.

Pre-Elementary Ballet (90min)

Our pre-elementary level caters for those who have mastered the work taught in Beginners. We suggest moving up to this level after consultation with your teacher as there is a considerable increase in the difficulty of the material.  We recommend attending this class in addition to open classes 2-3 times per week in order to gain confidence with the combinations. Regular attendance is particularly important for those still mastering their technique.  Pre-elementary is also very popular with more advanced students wanting to consolidate their technique and practice combining steps in simple combinations. 

Elementary Ballet (90min)

In this course you will expand your repertoire of ballet steps and strengthen your technique while perfecting the co-ordination of the whole body. This is a challenging level designed for those who have been taking regular ballet lessons for three or four years. We suggest that dancers attend class 2-3 times weekly to maintain their technique. 

Term Dates 2018
Term 1 Monday 29 January to Thursday 29 March
Term 2 Monday 16 April  to  Sunday 1 July 
Term 3 Monday 16 July to  Sunday 23 September
Term 4 Monday 8 October to  Friday 9 December
  MSCD observes the Victorian Public Holidays.
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